Saturday, September 1, 2012

Its been so long

Blogging is more like my diary.
After so long I finally read back my posts few months ago
I was so afraid that I cant adapt to my college life turns out totally different haha
It was quite a fun time during my 1st semester ^^

Looking back at my old posts
Am I really that in love with her last time? :\ I keep asking myself whats so special about her than the others...I don't even know the answer to that...
I remember 1 of my friend ask me what TYPE of girl I like..hmm...I don't know :\ as long as the timing is right i guess...
thinking back about high school...all I know is play and not think about the future (sigh) such a fun time...

Watched PEARL HARBOR in the afternoon just now...And its so sad to watch :\ no matter how many times I watch it...its still nice =)

My semester 2 is starting soon, looking forward for those kitchen classes ^^

Monday, April 23, 2012

I had so many dreams about you and me, happy endings, now I know. That i'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale.

I think it's all hurt inside. How to fix it back?


You need to get ready and prepare for your college already, okay? Stop playing around, time to study :) We might not get to meet each other often anymore but, miss me and don't forget me okay? :)

You know who is this,
bye. :D

Friday, April 6, 2012

Love you guys ^^

One day trip.
Tiring and fun =D

Hope our friendship will last like this ^^
But most probably will lost contact during college days :\ hope not

Hope we can be friends till we old ba..thn can intro you guys to my future kids LOL!!

'ah zai..this Uncle Weng last time ponteng with me when school taking last year class photo. Thats why we not in it!'

'ah guy probs ah? ask Auntie Sam. She last time always help me with my relationship problems.'

'I smoke now because of Uncle Yuan..he taught me how to smoke last time'

'Uncle Bert last time always we always kacau him'

'And Uncle Lin always change chinese song lyrics into vulgar lyrics and sing it'

hmm...dont know what to write for Rong ==
but still..fucking love him ^^

love all of you guys!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hmm..i upgraded my blog..thn can see view counters =D
and i dont know why..
this post have 7,981 Pageviews
wth? ~.~ least i know i'm not blogging to the air xD

Monday, March 26, 2012

So sad....

Its 5:25am =.=
don't know why i cant sleep
so i just surf youtube. i subscribed to this guy who tell his stories while playing maplestory...
i know i probably saying this 'maplestory? wtf? small boy ah?'
i like listening to his stories..its sometimes nice! and kinda funny ^^
anyways..i stumble upon this video...and its a really really sad video...
i actually erm..kinda..tear-ish :\ shut up! i have feelings too! D: dont judge me! lol

here's the vid
don't have to watch the video..just listen..


New enviroment, new friends...
Hopefully still will keep in touch with my current friends
so everytime I hang out with them, I will hang out like its the last time that I will ever see them
I forget where I heard this before 'Live like its your last day' << i prefer this then 'Live life to its fullest' cuz its much more meaningful and easy to understand
Life...what is life? how can I live life to its fullest when I don't even understand the meaning of it?

Few more days then my mum have to go for her chemotherapy...
Hopefully during those 5years nothing bad will happen ba
because i haven't make her proud of me
all this years the most closest to me is my mum
I always talk to her about stuffs. Stuffs that I don't talk to my dad or bro

Its funny how time really can change someone
I used to really hate my dad
But now I seriously appreciate him more then ever
Without him maybe I will just blur blur study shitty things that I don't give a fuck about and everyday working like lifeless dog without passion or anything..just blurface work all the way

Pa and Ma..1day I will make you guys proud of me. I know I always lets u guys down all this years of studying because I no interest in what i studying.
And now I'm studying culinary. Something that I really have interest in.
I owe this all to MIKE.
When I was 10/11
I was amazed that guys can cook other then instant noodles LOL
1st time and the last time I see you cook is Tomato Fried Rice
And just because of that simple thing
I loved cooking..although I'm not good at it because I don't really have the utensils for it :\

That day I texted you and say I wanted to start over again with you
and you kept saying I was drunk
I know you know I wasn't joking about it
I guess...I really make you lose your trust in me...
the next day when I woke up, weng and wai leong still sleeping
I saw my scar and it reminds me of you, then I got really upset and kept thinking why did I leave you that i just keep drinking only :\
But atleast this scars remind me to don't judge someone so fast..especially my girlfriend
so I owe it to you and I'm sorry that you have to be that girl that I've hurt to make me realize that I was wrong.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

21st March 2012 :)

It's Sam here to help Ryan to blog. I'm so the super duper sleepy already and he's forcing me to blog for him. Danggggg -.- Anyway, had a great day&night with Ryan and the bunch of best friends at Eastin Hotel on spm results day :) Sometimes, a small party with just few of your best friends is much more fun than having a big party with a bunch of not so close friends. Me and Ryan got addicted into mixing drinks, the bartender wanna be, haha! Miss that night, the games and the drinks already btw :/ Thanks for accompanied me to somewhere in the middle of night, you know where. :) Hopefully there's gonna be a night like this again!

New toys :P

Stupid face :D

At the park of Damansara Idaman in the middle of night. -.-

Good night.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The song just for you!

For sammy ^^


Continue study or Work.

all depends on result :\

if later i going out with sam they all..
play like theres no tmr
play like I'm not going to see them for a long time

Stop asking me to cut my hair please! TQ ^^

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally did it :\

after so long..
my friends keep saying that i should break up but i keep waiting hope you will notice that i'm still there...but i guessed not D:
i think i send quite a long msg to break up lols
good? bad? who cares rite? its over haha

texted her(not exgf) yesterday but i think she stressed gua :\
dont really dare to talk to her anymore cuz last few weeks she very very VERY angry at me

just woke up then i saw sam's tweet D:
everyone have secrets...tried to hint u to give up liao...
so stop torturing yourself k? no more bf/gf..friends will always be there for you =)