Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is this the end of us?

I love you so much
I think its best to let you go
I cant stand seeing myself hurting u
I hate myself so much for betraying you tht time
I thank you for loving,caring and worrying for me
I remembered every moment whn I was with you
I remember wat u wore on the first day we met
I remember the places I see you
I remember the smell of your hair
I remember the feeling of holding your hand and the feeling of u holding my arm
I remember how your lips was like
I remember how you smile
I love the way u play wit my fingers
I love the way u touch my hair
I love the way u merajuk and smile back at me
I love the way care for me
I love the way u squeez my hand whn your frigthen
I love everything about you
Why cant u give me another chance?
Give me another chance to prove tht I'm a better guy
Give me the chance to treat u better
I love you so much
Do you know tht?
Do you???

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